Our lawyers at Pihl Law Corporation are dedicated to helping you prevent problems instead of reacting to them. We have a wealth of information and legal resources that is invaluable to those operating and working in the tourism industry.

Managing Risk

Risk management is fundamental in order to prevent any liability for your organization. A risk management plan is an essential strategy that can minimize the chance of injury, damage or loss. It organizes the operations, whatever they may be, to ensure that all necessary policies and procedures are in place and used so that you are not liable. We can help you prepare for the risks of your unique business and avoid them.

Waiver & Execution

A waiver is one of the most important documents to have as part of your risk management. There are important elements of a waiver that the courts look at to determine if the waiver will be upheld. However, if these elements are not fulfilled, your waiver may be invalid and you may be liable for damages. It is fundamentally important to have a lawyer draft, review and finalize the waiver and instruct you on the procedures of how it should be executed.


Another important aspect of risk management in the tourism and recreational industry is to ensure that your employees are properly trained and qualified to do what you have employed them to do and in a way that minimizes your risk of being sued.

On the flip side, as an employee in the tourism and recreational industry, there are also ways we can assist you to ensure that you will not be personally liable for any unfortunate event that occurs during your employment. This is most often done through a thorough review of the employment contract.

In the recreational and tourism industry most legal and financial catastrophes are preventable. With the help of our team of lawyers, we can help you implement policies, procedures, instructions and documentation to ensure that your operations will run smoothly.


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