Why Even Small Home Renovations Should Maintain a Builders Lien Act Holdback

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A lot of small and medium (and, surprisingly, sometimes even large) sized residential renovations neglect to follow the requirements imposed by the Builders Lien Act – most notably the need to maintain a 10% holdback on funds paid by the owner to the general contractor (or contractors if there is no general contractor).  This holdback…


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Many things can happen along the way to a trial.  Often a settlement is one of them.  As a trial lawyer I recognize that having your day in court comes at a very high price.  Lawyers’ fees are only part of that price.  There is delay – civil cases take years to get to trial.…

Strata Rules – Parts 2 and 3

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Last year I wrote about an interesting case involving the owners of a condo whose behaviour towards their neighbours was so disruptive and obnoxious that the Strata Council, who had given up after years of letter, notices and fines, applied to the court for an order to force this owner to sell her unit and […]

Oh Behave! In a strata complex, the rules rule

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If you live in a strata complex you don’t have to love your neighbours or even like them but you do have to treat them properly according to your rules. Recently a judge ordered a family in a strata complex in Surrey to sell their unit and move.  This family had been the subject of […]

Love thy Noisy Neighbour?

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It’s a late Sunday night. Everyone has retired for the night in preparation for another long work week. Well, almost everyone. Your downstairs neighbour has decided to have a Sunday night dance party in his living room. The sound of the bass reverberates through the walls and right into your bedroom. It’s a party to […]