Using Legal Counsel to Proactively Understand and Manage Legal Risk

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There can be a perception that lawyers help paper a deal that has been already agreed to or that lawyers help you write letters and start lawsuits after a dispute has arisen. Unfortunately this perception is overly simplistic and, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs, can end up costing significant legal fees that could have…

Legal Advice-a-Thon & Other Free Resources

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Access Pro Bono will be hosting its seventh annual Pro Bono Going Public event throughout BC this September. The event is an outdoor legal ‘advice-a-thon’ and fundraiser for BC’s pro bono programs. Volunteer lawyers will provide free legal guidance to low- or moderate- income individuals. The open-air legal clinic will be held in Kelowna on…

Taking the bite out of legal fees

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Taking the bite out of legal fees Lawyers are expensive.  You hope you never have to hire one.  I hope I never have to hire one!  Why are lawyers so expensive?  Overhead is the main reason.  When you hire a lawyer you hire their staff as well.  You pay for salaries, rent, heat, light, computers, […]