Toxic Torts

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A relatively recent and developing area of personal injury law involves injuries from toxic substances – such as mold in apartment or office buildings, food toxins, pharmaceutical products, and pesticides or other industrial chemicals. Although claims for illness from these substances are often difficult to prove, they can have widespread implications for employers, landlords, food…

Selling Property with Elderly Clients: Powers of Attorney and Probate

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1. Determine if there is a valid Power of Attorney in place. A Power of Attorney is a legal documents that grants to a person (sometimes called the “Attorney”) the right to sell and dispose of the assets of the Donor (the person granting the power of attorney). In British Columbia the statute (law) governing […]

Joint Tenancy – don’t give it away too early

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Most homeowners will have at least heard of the term “Joint Tenancy”. In British Columbia, when you own property with another person, you can own it as Joint Tenants, or you can own it as Tenants in Common. If you are Joint Tenants, you share the property completely and equally. If you are Tenants in […]

Joint tenancy versus tenants-in-common: which is right for you?

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When buying a house, you must decide whose name will go on title. Will you be the sole owner? Should you be on title at all? Will you and your spouse go on title together? If so, will you be joint tenants or tenants in common? What about your children? What is the difference between […]