Choosing a Guardian

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One of the more difficult parts of Estate Planning involves naming a guardian for your children. The task of appointing someone to care for your minor child (under 19 years in B.C.) after you are gone can be an understandably difficult decision to make. Nonetheless, this is a decision that will be critical in the…

The Team Approach to Separation Agreements

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Dealing with the emotional and financial aftermath of a separation can be overwhelming.  There are concerns about where a spouse is going to live, what is going to happen to the children, and how the separation is going to impact the family finances.  In addition to these concerns, each spouse is experiencing a loss and…

Haunted by Lawsuits

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I think it would surprise some people to realize how often lawsuits are started or continued by or against someone who has passed away. When we die, our property, assets, legal obligations and contracts continue on and are assumed by our estate. Our estate is managed by the person appointed as our personal representative or […]

Marriage and Name Changes in the Land Title Office

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I heard a wonderful story from a client this week who had decided to propose to his girlfriend after he carried her “over the threshold” in to the new home they had just bought together in Kelowna. The client asked me “When we get married, do we have to file that change with the Land […]