Be a Problem Solver: The Evolution of Judicial Settlement

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The practice of law today is very different. It’s different for us lawyers, and also for our clients. Over the years we have seen big changes in how judicial settlement proceeds. Once upon a time, the framework that exists today to encourage settlement did not exist. In today’s world, clients expect their lawyers to be…

Using Legal Counsel to Proactively Understand and Manage Legal Risk

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There can be a perception that lawyers help paper a deal that has been already agreed to or that lawyers help you write letters and start lawsuits after a dispute has arisen. Unfortunately this perception is overly simplistic and, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs, can end up costing significant legal fees that could have…

What the Heck is Med-Arb?

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For a number of years we all heard of Arbitration as a way to obtain a decision in a dispute between two or more parties.  Some agreements mandate that disputes are arbitrated rather than litigated as a way to save costs and to obtain a decision in a much shorter time frame than through the…

Land Use Contracts – Why Owners, Lenders and Buyers Should Be Concerned

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Proposed amendments to the Local Government Act being considered by the legislature will change the law relating to Land Use Contracts. The Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act 2014 (Bill 17) proposes amendments to various Acts, but amendments to the Local Government Act will bring to an end all Land Use Contracts in British Columbia. LUCs were…

Ending a Shared Recreational Property Arrangement

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In an earlier article I discussed the importance of a written co-owners’ agreement when jointly purchasing recreational property.  One of the most important sections of a co-owners’ agreement will cover how the parties can terminate the arrangement.  Many people fail to enter into a formal agreement, however, and this can lead to a great deal…

The Civil Resolution Tribunal – Coming to a Computer Near You!

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This is an exciting development in the world of ADR – Alternate Dispute Resolution.  Dispute resolution practitioners, and I’m one of them, applaud this kind of “thinking outside the box” that gives people more options for resolving disputes.  If I have one concern with this new process it is that, with few exceptions, the parties […]