WHAT IS Business Law?

Business law is the area of law encompassing every aspect of starting, operating, and managing a business. It’s important to ensure your business is built to last — that means keeping your business compliant with all laws, entering into contracts and partnerships that are fair and enforceable, and ensuring plans are in place for any eventuality. While you handle the day-to-day operations of your business, our lawyers will provide well-rounded business law advice to help our clients succeed.

Pihl Law’s team based approach and broad legal experience help us deliver comprehensive and thorough service to each client, from small business owners to mid-sized corporations throughout BC.

Business Structure and Maintenance

Businesses can take many forms, and whether it is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, Pihl Law can assist you with making the right decisions on how best to structure your business and help you maintain it. As businesses grow and change, there may also be a need to restructure and our team works closely with our clients and their business advisers to implement successful structures, trusts and succession plans to mitigate the potential for financial or legal conflicts going forward.

Business Agreements

Contracts of any kind should be drafted or reviewed by an experienced lawyer. Our Lawyers can assist in preparing and negotiating agreements that are fair, reasonable and legally binding; as well as specifically tailored to suit your business. We have extensive experience in the preparation of shareholders agreements, franchise agreements, service contracts, employment contracts, cost share agreements, commercial leases, and a variety of other agreements that are industry-specific.

Business Transactions and Financing

Our Lawyers have experience in handling asset and share transactions throughout numerous industries and have worked with all types of commercial lenders. Whether you are purchasing, selling or financing a business, the team at Pihl Law can help guide you through the transaction and assist with the preparation, negotiation and review of the documents and agreements required to successfully complete the dea. From our extensive due diligence to our collaborative approach, we work to ensure all aspects of the transaction are covered: the real property, the employees, the licensing, the business contracts, the equipment, the intellectual property, the liabilites, and the management of risk. Our ain is to provide high-level work in a cost-effective way. ore complex when they cross into another jurisdiction, as different municipal, provincial, federal, or even international laws may apply to the agreement.


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