There is always change, uncertainty and turmoil in the manufacturing industry. Price fluctuations, environmental regulations, the introduction of new technologies and changes in government policy and regulations often prompt manufacturers to make changes to the systems that propel, connect and distribute their merchandise. In order to remain competitive manufacturers look for new ways to manage their supply chains, replenish their inventories, improve efficiency using new technology, outsource production methods and work within new company structures.

At Pihl, our lawyers understand the legal minefield manufacturers need to navigate in order to be successful. We can provide progressive and creative solutions on a whole range issues facing manufacturers, suppliers and dealers.

Our legal professionals will provide you solutions in areas such as employment and labour relations, corporate finance, restructuring, immigration issues, commodity tax and transfer pricing, specialized information technology transactions, risk assessment, litigation, and supplier and dealer management.

At Pihl, we are solution oriented and will find the solution that works for you.


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