When you’re involved in a construction project, you need a team of qualified lawyers who can help you navigate the minefield of legal issues which can, and often do arise in real time on projects.

The experience and training of the lawyers at Pihl can be worth their weight in gold to your project and company. It is far less expensive and risky to retain an experienced lawyer up front and have your legal work done properly compared to hiring a lawyer later on to fix problems that can arise from that lack of knowledge or insufficient documentation.

We provide strategic and legal advice during the negotiation, development, financing, insuring, construction, and warranty phases of projects, big or small. Our litigation lawyers have a wealth of experience and have appeared before courts and in alternative dispute resolution forums dealing with construction law matters and disputes.

There are many issues that arise during construction including delay claims, change orders, revised site conditions, insurance and bonding claims, defective workmanship, payment disputes and liens and other contractual concerns. We represent owners, contractors, design builders, consultants, lenders, sureties and suppliers with respect to all of their construction needs.

At Pihl we are here to answer your questions, avoid legal issues and navigate the problems that do arise. We are here to help your project end in success.


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