How do you cut a Picasso in half? The sentimental side of inheritance planning

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People writing their wills are generally planning for an event in the distant future, and it can be difficult to specifically plan for every possibility. There are many important will considerations that should find their way into a solid estate plan, including fairly providing for your loved ones, providing clear direction on how your wishes […]

Can you be fired for being “videoed” at a riot?

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Given the massive public outcry following the recent Vancouver Stanley Cup riot, many employers are feeling pressure to deal with employees who were caught in photos or on video during the event. The question becomes this: if a “naughty” employee was seen participating in the riot – or even worse, possibly committing an illegal offense…

Toxic work environments – what you need to know

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Since Canadians spend a large portion of our daily life working, a healthy workplace environment is an essential part of our overall well-being. So it is no wonder then that when a workplace environment turns toxic, it can have overwhelming and far-reaching effects on both employers and employees a like. To ensure that the workplace…

Injury compensation – there’s more to it than you might think

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Every year in B.C. approximately 45,000 people make a claim with I.C.B.C. for loss or injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, many people who visit an I.C.B.C. claims centre to seek compensation for their loss do not fully understand the law and find the claims process a source of both confusion and frustration. Unlike…

Will the law penalize you for driving a Harley?

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Tragically, every summer in the Okanagan, there are countless accidents involving motorcyclists and drivers. Often these types of accidents are completely avoidable if drivers and motorcyclists understood some of their basic responsibilities when it comes to sharing the road. “To See or Not To See” The most common explanation we hear from drivers involved in…