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Shareholders’ Agreements: Important Business Insurance

July 2, 2018

Everyone knows that accidents happen.  That’s why many of us carry insurance- on our homes, on our lives, and on our businesses. But, if you’re running a small privately held company, have you ever considered insuring your relationship with your shareholders? Maybe the answer is yes and you’ve wisely had a shareholders’ agreement drafted.  Great.…

Wondering What to Expect When Purchasing a Home in Kelowna?

August 25, 2017

Thinking about purchasing a home in Kelowna? This helpful video explains the process and what you can expect when you’re ready to move forward with this exciting decision! Find out what you can afford. Get pre-qualified with your bank/mortgage broker. Hire a realtor, look at homes and right a conditional contract for your favourite home.…

Legal Guidance for Startups and Small Business Owners

March 1, 2017

With a full-service Solicitor team in place, Pihl Law Corporation is well equipped to assist startups and small business owners with their legal needs. Before your business is off and running, take the time to consult with your advisors to ensure you have the right corporate structure. Often, spending time and money on an initial…